The facts about Czech Republic


Interesting Facts about the Czech Republic:

Nationality: Czech
Languages: Czech, Moravian
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant
Population: 10,644,842
Median Age: 41.3
Population Growth rate:   0.16%
Birth Rate:  0.96%
Death Rate: 1.03 %
Capital: Prague
Electricity Production: 81.71 billion kWh
Electricity exports: 27.46 billion kWh
Electricity Import: 10.57 kWh
Telephone Landlines: 1.89 million
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 14 million
Airports: 128
Airports with Paved Runways:   41
Heliports: 1
Railways: 9621 km
Road Ways: 130,661 km
Water Ways: 664 km
Passport Validity: Must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure

The close of World War I, The Czechs and Slovaks of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire merged to form Czechoslovakia
The Czech Republic is a stable and prosperous market economy, closely integrated with the EU, especially since the country's EU accession in 2004

Facts about the Czech Republic

Facts Czech Republic

  1. Czechoslovakia became a communist-ruled state in 1948
  2. On January 1 1993 the country of Czechoslovakia was dissolved into the current countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia 
  3. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. History Prague has been the capital of the Holy Roman Empire an important city in Austria - Hungary and the capital of Czechoslovakia 
  4. The "Czech Republic" has a population of over 10.5 million people as of 2013
  5. The highest point in the Czech Republic is Snezka at 602 m 
  6. Tourism is the main source of income in the Czech Republic Economy 
  7. According to Survey Prague was the 6th most visited city in Europe and the tourist industry employees over 1% of the populations 
  8. The main official language of the Czech Republic is Czech, The Slovic language of Slovakia is similar to Czech and is recognized as a minority language in the country 
  9. The currency of the Czech Republic is Koruna
  10. Skoda Auto the large European car manufacturer is from the Czech Republic 
  11. The most popular sports in the Czech Republic are ice hockey, football sports shooting tennis basketball and volleyball
  12. The Czech Ice hockey team won Olympic Gold in 1998 and has won 6 Gold medals at the World Championships 

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